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ELIXIRIUM is all about artisanal, organic skin care formulas, handmade to order.

Many years ago, having read a newspaper article concerning the health hazards of almost all cosmetic products in the american and european market, I learned about the dangers of Parabens, Benzyl alcohol, bht, Diethanolamine, Isopropyl alcohol and many many more native ingredients of, almost all, market beauty products, and realized the possibility of health damage we expose ourselves by using such products.

This felt awckward.

At that moment I was just at the age that i had started to feel the need for caring more for my skin in order to prepare myself for the upcoming war with wrinkles and aging that would have eventually start sooner or later ;) But all the weapons market has to offer were at least questionable when it comes to health safety.

And it was around that moment of time that i remembered my grandma having almost always a home made recipy for almost everything that nowdays we would treat with some chemical made solution. She used to said that nature has always the best way, all we have to do is learn and use it.

Being lucky enough to be born, raised and living in Greece, i naturally had access to a numerous variety of, all natural and even grow in the wild, plants and herbs that have been used for cosmetical and health reasons for thousand of years.

Actually medicine and cosmetology literally have been invented and evolved here in Greece since over 500 years B.C. by men like Hippocrates, who was the first who researched and study the health benefits of plants and herbs, and Galenos who among other great medicine inventions, he invented the base recipy for all creams and balms which is used until now all over the world and which is the same exact base i use in my formulas.

So i read a lot, i learned and i studied about all those great herbs that we dont even imagine how beneficial are for our skin and how many parallel uses have, not only for our beauty routine but for our health as well. Finally i started to make my own skincare creams and balms for my own use, by using only natural ingredients as organic herbs and essential oils, bee wax, blossom water and many more.

Spending a great amount of time of the year in Arcadia, an almost virgin, greek rural territory, by the sea, at Peloponnese, famous for its wealth in nature products such as great olive oil, citrus cultivation, bee keeping and a plethora of even rare herbs and plants, i have a great advantage to have access to nature's best ingredients for everything i make.

Sooner than i thought, i stopped using anything else than my handmade formulas and the results were much more than great, better say, much greater than my expectations. Everyone had noticed differences in how brighter, fresher and velvety my skin looked like and almost every friend of mine keep asking me what i do to achieve such results. Needless to say that since then i never stopped having requests from friends and relatives for making them some wrinkle night balm or moisturizing cream as well as bugging me endlessly for starting sharing and offering in public all those skincare products I make.

Eventually, given the right opportunity, in terms of time and place, i decided to offer my formulas to everyone who wants a great skin in an all natural way!

So here I am to welcome you to ELIXIRIUM, all natural, organic skincare, all handmade with the best ingredients, and discover what nature has to offer to your skin beauty !

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