Summer has finally came !

Summer sun is a source of life and joy, but it is a pottential threat for our skin's beauty and health as well.   

Organic, carefully formulated, full product line of ELIXIRIUM SUN CARE is released and is ready to boost your tan, keep you sun protected both on face and body, but also repair your skin after sun ! 


Protect from the sun naturally.

Sun is a source of life. In the same time, sun is one of the most significant skin aging factors. It can also cause sunburns, skin damages, and can contribute to skin cancer. It is important to enjoy the energy of sunbathing and the beauty of skin tanning propperly protected, using a sunscreen with a propper SPF for your skin type (Sun Protection Factor).

Sunny days in Greece average between 250-300 per year, so coming up with an effective organic sunscreen formula was more than a necessity :)

Elixirium's ORGANIC BODY SUN CARE is a skin hydrating sunscreen with vegetable glycerine which is regulating skin's moisture levels. In the same time D-Panthenole and natural alantoinhave strong soothing and skin regenerating properties pampering your skin while you sun bathing.

Your face deserves special sun care !

Your face is so vulnerable to sun rays ! Sun has that bad habbit of aging our skin. Our only defence is to be propperly preparaired and protected.

I have designed and formulated Elixirium's ORGANIC FACE SUN CARE having in mind the special needs of facial skin under the sun. Not only to plain sunblocking but in the same time to nourish, hydrate and anti age. D-Panthenol, Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Sesame oil and Green Tea extract, among other ingredients, formulate a powerful shield against sun's harmful properties on your facial skin.

Your After Sun elixirium.

Sun skin care should not end when your sun bathing is over and you being away of sun rays. You need propper skin repairing after suntreatment to regain your skin's moisture and elasticity and to establish and maintain your beautyful tanned skin colour.

Elixirium's ORGANIC AFTER SUN CARE skin repairing gel is revitalizing and soothing for skin. Having a fresh, pleasant cooling feel it gets easily absorbed. It has instant effects on soothing your sun kissed skin. 


The organic Tan Booster !

Are you after that really deep and tropical bronze tan on your body ? This tan booster serum oil one is formulated for you !

Elxirium BODY TAN MAX Organic Tanning Serum is based on a ideal combination of Carrot seed, Pomegranate, Avocado, Sesame, Coconut and Jojoba organic oils this will really be your secret weapon to achieve a perfect and fast tan while it's skin benefitial, all natural ingredients will keep your body skin propperly moisturized, and vivid under hot sun. 


Summer vacation mode is on so enjoy sun but never un-protected :)